Teach with UR Splash

Our programs couldn't possibly work without the support of undergraduates volunteering to teach. If you are an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester and are passionate about teaching, we urge you to check out our programs and register to teach a class.

One of our core principles is autonomy, and as such we try to give teachers as much freedom as possible when it comes to class topics (although there may be some restrictions for specific programs). This means that for the most, you can teach about anything you want! The only requirement is that you are a full-time undergraduate student at the University of Rochester.

Below is a list of all the programs we are currently planning. Each program page contains specific information about the format, dates/times, and other miscellaneous information.

  • Splash Day: Our largest event of the year, where we invite high school students to the University of Rochester campus for a fun day of learning.
  • Stratosphere: An independent online summer lecture series organized by some of our members.

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