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Splash Day 2023 is on February 25th, 2023!
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UR Splash is a student-run educational outreach organization at the University of Rochester. We host events for high school students in the Greater Rochester Area aimed at spreading the joy of learning in the community.

Our mission is to make subjects students are interested in accessible, and to provide opportunities for high school students to exercise autonomy on what they learn. At UR Splash programs, students get to choose what classes they take, and teachers are allowed to teach any topic they want, which means that everybody involved is passionate about what they are doing. Teach anything, learn anything!

Splash Day

Splash Day is a program where we invite high school students from around the Greater Rochester Area to the University of Rochester River Campus for an entire day dedicated to learning. On Splash Day, participating high school students have the chance to take classes taught by undergraduates at the University of Rochester on topics that they are passionate about. Classes taught at Splash Day 2022 ranged from Video Game Art to Cryptography to Quantum Computing.

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